eBook: Making Toys for People with
Multiple Disabilities

The Website shows a lot of toys made by me from Making Toys For Children With Multiple Disabilities. This book is twenty years old, but it contains lots of great ideas about games and toys for disabled children. Several readers have been asking me if the book is still for sale. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

But here’s the good news: I have been granted permission to produce it in electronic version, and the complete eBook is now avalaible!

It contains many tips and ideas about how you and your disabled child can play together using simple household materials. In addition it provides more than thirty descriptions on how to make your own toys, complete with information about the materials and tools needed. Moreover, each toy comes with a constructional drawing

The book also provides detailed descriptions of ways to fasten existing toys – to the wall, to a stand or table for example -- so that playthings will become more manageable for disabled children.

It is even explained how you can get spinning toys to turn more easily, making them easier to activate.
The book consists of the following chapters:
- Introduction, about the toys
- Toys for touching
- Toys for hearing
- Toys for watching
- Moving toys
- Movement / Moving / Exercise / Mobility
- Attachments and adjustments

For an impression of this eBook, click here to download a small example (pdf viewer is required).

The complete eBook can be ordered by sending me an e-mail. The price is EUR 15,00.